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BUSS Group, formerly SSC WIND, builds, installs, and maintains wind turbines.

In addition to BUSS WIND (SSC WIND), we also provided BUSS BLADE with this platform.

Our solution takes care of the monitoring, management, and planning of assets and locations.

The assets are mainly tools.
Locations can be warehouses, cars, cabinets, people, projects, etc.
For some assets alerts and automatic emails have been set up:

• Calibration of tools
• Handover protocols
• Certificates of personal security equipment or forklift certificate etc.
• Courses for example BVH, first aid, aerial work, diving certificate, etc.

Planning module:
Here you can move and plan personnel and items by means of drag and drop.

With our modular “building blocks” we can add features and create a fitting solution for each situation. 

This solution is available for desktops and smartphones (Android). 

For more information or a free demo, please leave your contact details at the bottom of this page and we will contact you within 2 working days.

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