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Airbus Milestone 

Airbus Milestone 

•Enhance Real Time Monitoring

•Customer perform significant investments in transport equipment

•Transport equipment pool can be better managed e.g. availability at Point of Use (PoU), maintenance/ quality, missing assets

•Transport equipment is not always “geared” towards optimum loading and utilization

•Enhance Maintenance and Repair process

•Improve replacement proactiveness due to extensive lead time

•Optimize meeting regulations and practical use in supply chain

•Implement MasterTrackerSolar

•Tag and manage assets (Visibility, PoU availability, Maintenance)

•Objectives are: digitalize management/ decision making and real time track&trace plus assets condition monitoring,

•Real Time Accuracy on Assets location

•Real Time monitoring of assets condition

•Preventive forecast for maintenance, repair and replacement of assets

•Digitalized Management of assets and its costs, locations and conditions, providing accurate decision making tools

•Enhanced Fleet Management

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