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MiDock is our dock service solution that is currently used by Airbus Helicopter. MiDock improves dispatch processes with the MiDock smartphone application.

1.Dock employee retrieve real-time Delivery notes directly from customer through the MyRFID Cloud system on their smartphone (android) or computer

2.System will provide all critical information

3.System will provide consolidation options to dock employee

4.Dock employee can consolidate with existing TR or create new TR

5.Dock employee will send TR to TMS

MiDock solves the following problem:

Today, all TR’s will be created by the office and no consolidation is possible

With MiDock the TR’s will be created by the dock employee who stands next to the goods and the system will provide consolidation options.

With our modular “building blocks” we can add features and put together a fitting solution for each situation. 

The solution is available for desktop and smartphone (Andriod). 

Please have look at this product page or request a more detailed demo at the bottom of this page.  

Request a demo 

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